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Army Doctor and Johns Hopkins Anesthesiologist Caught Trying to Sell Soldiers’ Medical Data to Russia

On Thursday, September 29, the US Justice Department accused Army Doctor Jamie Lee Henry and his wife Anna Gabrielian, an anesthesiologist associated with Johns Hopkins, of attempting to sell medical data about US soldiers and their families to the Russian government.

Upon learning that Gabrielian offered sensitive information up to the Russian Embassy in Washington D.C., a sting operation was set into motion, leading to the couple eventually offering sensitive information to an undercover FBI agent.

Gabrielian stated during the sting operation that she was offering this information as a Russian patriot and that her husband was complicit in the conspiracy and willing to offer assistance, as well. Later, Henry himself offered his assistance. Gabrielian then passed on information regarding the medical history of the spouse of an employee of the Office of Naval Intelligence, highlighting how the Russian government could exploit a specific medical condition. Henry also provided information on patients he saw while serving at Fort Bragg.

Continuous Evaluation May Have Shown Red Flags
In scenarios like the one above, it’s possible that both the Army and Johns Hopkins could have avoided the liability associated with employing the likes of Henry and Gabrielian through careful continuous evaluation, especially social media monitoring.

We often find that there are red flags in people’s online behavior when they’re considering engaging in treasonous or violent acts, but employers don’t know about them unless they’re looking. Since there are plenty of laws in place surrounding this type of monitoring, it’s ideal to hire a professional to offer an unbiased report that notes red flags like these.

Now that you know how easy it is for this type of behavior to slip through the cracks of pre-employment evaluations, are you considering continuous evaluation for your employees? Reach out to us at VettFirst Security by calling (803) 233-2170 or by email at