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Adjudication: The Key to Making Informed Hiring Decisions

What is Adjudication in Background Checks? Adjudication is evaluating the results of a background check against a company’s employment screening policy to determine whether a candidate is eligible for employment. This process involves reviewing the candidate’s criminal history, education history, employment history, and any other information obtained through the background check. The goal of adjudication is to ensure that the …

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How Artificial intelligence (AI) is Changing Background Checks

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing how background checks are conducted. AI-powered background checks can automate many of the steps involved in a traditional background check, such as data collection, data analysis, and risk assessment. This can save businesses time and money while also improving the accuracy and efficiency of the background check process. AI can improve background checks in …

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The Supreme Court Will Decide Whether Criminals Can Get Guns Without Background Checks

The Supreme Court will soon decide whether criminals can get guns without background checks. The case, VanDerStok v. United States, involves a man who was convicted of possessing a “ghost gun,” which is a firearm that is assembled from parts and does not have a serial number. Ghost guns are often difficult to trace, which makes them attractive to criminals. …

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