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What you need to know about Tech Support Scam

Tech support scam and tech maintenance scams are on the increase. 2017 saw an 86% rise in tech support scam grievances over 2016, according to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center. Fraudsters have found a lucrative niche by fraudulently posing as tech support services. If you get scammed, you possibly stand to lose private information, cash,  your privacy, and time …

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Banning the Box” in Federal Hiring

Each year, more than 600,000 people are released from Federal and State prisons, and millions more are released from local jails. One in three working-age Americans has an arrest record. Many face long-term, sometimes lifelong, impacts of a criminal record that prevent them from getting a job or accessing housing, higher education, loans, credit, and more.  Such barriers hurt public …

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When a New Hire Fails the Background Check: What to do?

Background checks and new hires? Every employer has an obligation to prevent negligent hiring, to reduce the risk of data breaches, and to ensure workplace safety. So what do you do when your new hire fails their background check? Do you rescind  the job offer? Step 1. Verify the Information Verify the background check records actually belong to the candidate. …

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