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The Supreme Court Will Decide Whether Criminals Can Get Guns Without Background Checks

The Supreme Court will soon decide whether criminals can get guns without background checks. The case, VanDerStok v. United States, involves a man who was convicted of possessing a “ghost gun,” which is a firearm that is assembled from parts and does not have a serial number. Ghost guns are often difficult to trace, which makes them attractive to criminals. …

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Cost of Hiring the Wrong Person: Small Business Owner Edition

When you’re a small business owner resources are sometimes limited and you forgo certain things that larger companies can afford, but doing background check shouldn’t be one of them. Building background checks into your budget is essential and can save you a lot of trouble and money in the end. According to The Small Business Association replacing an employee who …

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Background Checks are now on repeat mode

Rescreening ensures that changes in employee circumstances were being accounted for as they moved through their career According to a report from, repeat background checks, or “re-screenings,” are slowly becoming a normal part of business. Some countries—India, in particular—are early adopters of re-screening, and employers in other parts of the world are expected to follow in their footsteps. In …

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UW System to consider tightening hiring policies to weed out sexual harassers

At the request of Gov. Scott Walker, the University of Wisconsin System next week will consider tightening its hiring processes and reference checks to keep potential employees with a history of sexual harassment from slipping through the cracks. A proposed policy change would require all UW campuses to share personnel files of current or former employees with other UW campuses or state agencies as part of a …

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How Often Should We Run a Criminal Background Check On Volunteers?

Every volunteer should go through a thorough background screening as part of their volunteer application process and rechecked every couple of years. Gone are the days when background checks were only done on people who work with children.  It is important to know the criminal background of every volunteer in your church.  We know that people can, and do, turn …

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What You Should Know About California’s New “Ban the Box” Law

As of January 1st, 2018, a new state law affecting 7 million Californians will change the way businesses think about hiring. Signed by Governor Brown on October 14th, AB1008 – the California Fair Chance Act will require both public and private sector employers to delay background checks and inquiries about a candidate’s criminal record until a conditional offer has been …

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