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Continuous Evaluation (CE)

The Continuous Evaluation (CE) program supplements ­the background screening process but does not replace ­it. CE is a comprehensive ongoing service that monitors arrest data nationwide, continuously being alerted for notifications of arrests, bookings, and releases (employee’s potential criminal activities), and is more expansive than standard background checks, and alerts within 1 hour of booking. CE should not be used as a replacement for a full background check. CE is a service that uses real-time, nationwide data to alert you when an arrest has taken place historically, and for ongoing monitoring.

Once a employee has gone through the screening process and hired, employees are not typically re-screened for years or may be checked at periodic intervals and only in counties of residence. “Self-report” policies can be ineffective because most employees are not going to voluntarily report their criminal activities. CE monitors nationwide with up to 85% coverage of arrest information, at all times. Reporting is provided to you after court records are located, via your normal screening access when legally allowable.

Process to Begin Continuous Evaluation (CE)

1. Candidates must consent to Continuous Evaluation either through a evergreen clause or separate consent. Candidates must authorize you to run background checks throughout their employment. It is your responsibility to gather consent and maintain procedures to ensure your candidates are disenrolled from CE if the employment ends. Make sure you work with your legal counsel to ensure that you have proper consent and procedures in place for Continuous Evaluation (CE).

2. Contact VettFirst once you’ve decided to enroll your employees in CE to receive an Addendum of Understanding that explains Continuous Evaluation. The Addendum will also include pricing information, sample report and a detail explanation of the CE program.

3. Send Vettfirst a list of employees to be enrolled in CE

4. Current employee must resign any changes in employment or consent.

5. Receive an alert or completed background check from VettFirst Security’s delivery method for FCRA Compliant reports, initiated due to Continuous Evaluation.

Our Continuous Evaluation solution simplifies ongoing record checks for large and small employers. VettFirst Security will conduct an FCRA compliant background investigation on an individual and create a report to include any and all of the components that a client has deemed a requirement to provide actionable information; including criminal history, social security number check, sex offender registry check, global sanctions, media search, bankruptcy, and more.


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