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Drug Screening

VettFirst Security provides DOT and non-DOT urine and hair follicle drug tests, breath and urine alcohol tests, and mobile drug testing services. Companies, court orders, and individuals are served at over 2500 clinics across the USA.

Employment Drug Testing

Employment drug testing typically falls into one of these categories:


  • Pre-employment: It is common for employers to make job offers contingent upon passing a pre-employment drug screening. The most common pre-employment drug test is a 10-panel non-DOT urine screen or a 5 panel DOT drug test.
  • Post-accident: When an employee is involved in an accident on the job, especially one that involves personal injury or significant equipment damage, it is important for many reasons to find out if he or she was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Many companies have a formal policy that requires immediate testing. When you contact VettFirst Security, we can set you up with an appointment to bring the staffer to us immediately, or (especially after-hours), we can dispatch a certified drug and alcohol testing technician to the scene right away.
  • Reasonable suspicion: If you suspect that an employee reported working under the influence, it is critical to administer a drug and alcohol test as soon as possible. With alcohol, timing is critical, since the alcohol leaves the body at the approximate rate of 1 drink per 1-2 hours. Ideally, you would test the person for alcohol within 2 hours of your identifying a reasonable suspicion of intoxication. You can depend on VettFirst Security to arrive promptly to administer the test anywhere in the country.
  • Random: VettFirst Security can keep an updated list of your employees and select a set percentage of them at random each month or quarter for drug and/or alcohol testing. If your company is a DOT covered entity, then you are required to have a Random Pool set up, and we’d be happy to manage that for you so that you remain in compliance with DOT regulations.

Department of Transportation (DOT) Drug Testing

Federal law (Title 49 CFR Part 40) requires truck drivers, owner/operators, Merchant Marines and people possessing a United States Coast Guard Captain’s license to be enrolled in a DOT drug testing program. DOT employees are subject to pre-employment, post-accident, reasonable suspicion, and random drug and alcohol tests, plus return to duty and follow-up testing for those individuals who fail a test and return to work.


Each of the DOT modalities (FMCSA, FAA, FRA, USCG, FTA, PHMSA) has their own specific regulations about the percentage of employees who must undergo surprise drug tests annually. VettFirst Security DOT experts understand these regulations and can work with you to ensure that your company meets DOT requirements.

Court-Ordered and Personal Drug Tests

Probation officers and other legal entities may require you to undergo ongoing court-ordered drug tests. Some of the most common reasons why a legal agreement or government entity may require you to get ongoing testing are:


  • Child custody: Parents who are separating or getting a divorce can request that the other parent submits to random drug and alcohol testing for the safety of their children.
  • DUI and DWI tests: If you’ve been arrested for DUI/DWI, you may be required to follow up with one or more drug or alcohol tests. VettFirst Security can administer these tests and report your results directly to your probation officer or other court-affiliated programs.
  • Probation and pre-trial: Some jurisdictions require people who have been arrested, charged or convicted of minor drug or alcohol related offenses to submit to random drug testing. Frequently, this is also a condition of probation. Either way, VettFirst Security can handle your testing needs and report your results directly to whoever needs to receive them.


To schedule a drug test please call (803) 233-2170, to discuss your testing requirements in detail.