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Employment Credit Checks for Effective Hiring

VettFirst’s Employment credit reports are available in seconds and help you make better employee hiring decisions by quickly and cost-effectively providing objective and factual credit information. Credit information provides insight into an applicant’s integrity and responsibility toward his or her financial obligations.

Employment Credit Checks enhances employment decision-making tools by:

  • Quickly verifying information you receive from applicants and other sources
  • Reveal conflicting information
  • Providing credit information that would normally not appear on an application but may have an impact on job performance

The Employment Credit Report is specifically designed to give you the pertinent information needed to help make decisions quickly and easily when deciding on potential candidates or re-evaluating current employees. It shows a comprehensive credit history and provides public record information, plus other items individuals don’t typically include in job applications. By revealing potential patterns of inability to meet obligations, this report can also help identify applicants or employees who may be financially overextended. The format is also more descriptive than a standard credit report to help interpret the data and make quick, consistent decisions.

Product Benefits

  • Gives a completely unbiased account of a potential job candidate’s background
  • Helps identify candidates and employees who may be financially overextended
  • Helps make quick, consistent decisions by providing pertinent information not typically included on a job application
  • Provides current address and up to two previous addresses
  • Returns up to four employment segments (if present on file)
  • Suppresses dates of birth and account numbers
  • Automatically generates and sends a public record notification letter (if necessary)
  • Returns a FCRA Summary of Rights with every report

Legal Guidelines
The Fair Credit Reporting Act, as amended by the Consumer Credit Reporting Reform Act of 1996, allows users access to a consumer’s credit report for employment purposes. The law imposes several conditions on users who pull consumer reports for employment purposes.

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