How to Protect the Church with the Right Background Check

Wondering how to protect the church with the right background check? The church is safe havens for many seeking refuge and solace. The vulnerable groups that seek the church’s solace include the youth, women, elderly and children.

Churches, on the other hand, rely on the support and help of a wide variety of individuals as volunteers on top of the church leaders and staff in the running of their activities.

With these vulnerable groups in churches today, don’t you think it’s fair for the church to carry out background checks on anyone who is entrusted in any leadership role especially volunteers?

If you answered my question above with a yes, then it means that you know the importance of ordering a background check.

If you answered with a no, then, here’s why you should screen all your church volunteers and workers:

Protect Children from Abuse

According to Church Law & Tax, in 2017, sexual abuse of a minor was one of the top five reasons religious organizations, including churches, went to court. This stat alone indicates why the church should be on the lookout for pedophiles and other sex offenders coming to the institution in the name of “services to man and God.”

It’s imperative that whoever the church bequeaths this responsibility is screened to verify that they’re who they claim to be and they have a clean criminal record. These checks give the church administration and its members peace of mind.

Protect the Church Members from Intruders

Different people go to church with different motives. Some want solace, some want to renew their minds, find encouragement or rebuild their lives while some only want to harm the church.  

The nature of the church is to see the good in everyone who walks through its door. But that said, we can’t overlook the fact that everyone has a past and that some of these people coming in and out of the church are simply intruders wanting to disrupt the peace of the institution.

This is why the church needs to conduct a background check on its workers and volunteers. These checks reveal any past records on individuals who are tasked to offer assistance to the church and its members.

Protect the Church Assets.

Picture this, you wake up one morning to news that your church has been robbed and the suspects behind the heist are the new help the church acquired last week. What would be the first question that’ll be running through your head?

“How well did the presiding bishop know the young men they brought in last week? Did they conduct any checks on them?”


The church administration, on the other hand, is beating itself up. The numerous scarred cartoons in their heads have left them puzzled. “How could we’ve been so foolish?” they must be wondering.

No one is to blame!

If you didn’t know anything about background checks and why they’re important for the church, you’d have never thought of scrutinizing your potential hires.

But, if you were in the know but chose to ignore doing the right thing, then you must be blamed for the misappropriation of funds, the theft and any other mishap the church may go through in the hands of a criminal.

Carrying out background checks on individuals responsible for any task in the church help reveal the individuals’ questionable characters and any other tiny detail stashed away from the public eye.

Offer Relevant Guidance and Counseling

As mentioned earlier, people come to seek solace, comfort, and peace in the house of the Lord. Some of these people have bad pasts that come to light when background checks are carried out on them. The results of these background checks help the church to determine the relevant guidance and counseling to administer to provide the inner peace that these individuals seek.

In conclusion, when a church carries out these background checks, it doesn’t do it with the intention of barring anyone from volunteering to the ministry. Instead, it does so to know what roles to dish out to each volunteer and worker in the church.

The church provides peace for those seeking it. These checks offer them guidance on how to handle people with past records. We at VettFirst Security offer background checks, which guarantees you that you get the finest and reliable volunteers. Contact us today at (803) 233-2170 to learn more about our services. 



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