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CheckMedic is a turn-key credentialing solution providing third-party, objective, unbiased reporting through a systematic, standardized, electronic process that exceeds standards set by The Joint Commission. CheckMedic simplifies and streamlines the credentialing process through priority access to primary source data, continuous monitoring of dynamic data, stores peer referencing and sends alerts regarding provider status changes. The MedPass® is a comprehensive, digital credentialing document that prevents redundant credentialing and repeated verification on static data. Brought to you by Verisys, in partnership with VettFirst Security) a CVO fully accredited and certified by URAC and NCQA and exclusively endorsed by the AHA.Check MedicDO IT ONCE: Reduce wasted time and money to redundantly credential and primary-source verify individuals. Experience the increased billings that come from accelerating the onboarding timeline and empower the credentialing team to more fully lead physician engagement and outcome studies.

KEEP IT CURRENT: The Office of the Inspector General as well as other compliance governing entities worldwide are increasing the interval times and scope of monitoring. As well as adding layers to compliance standards. When you delegate your compliance responsibilities to VettFirst Security, you are backed by high-level experience and the understanding of each and every change in compliance regulation.

PORTABILITY: Information collected through the CheckMedic process and stored and updated on the MedPass® can be shared digitally with a secure, by-invitation sign in. With the advent of multiple privileging locations and tele- and virtual health care, CheckMedic’s technology is the essential link.