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Not all job candidates tell the truth. Our verification process can differentiate honest mistakes from attempts to inflate qualifications and experience. We have all of your employment verification needs covered, helping you protect your organization, customers and reputation in the marketplace.

We’re always looking for better, faster ways to complete your background check. Our unique verification process uses a combination of contact methods that can reduce turnaround time for employment verifications by up to 28 hours when compared to the traditional telephonic methods most screening companies use.

With proven experience in delivering successful employment screening solutions to many of today’s leading institutions, Select Data can provide the expertise required to develop a thorough screening program that best meets the needs of your organization.

We offer a wide variety of customizable solutions ranging from national, state and county criminal, military court martial verification’s to sex offender and abuse registry searches. Our experts work with you to customize a program that meets your needs, is easy to use and will keep you informed of the latest industry and government regulations so that you can work smarter, not harder.

“Welcome to a Smarter Approach to Background Screening!”Employment