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VettFirst Security Federal Contractor Package provides an effective risk-management tool for contractors wishing to do business with the federal government. Used effectively, the pre-employment background screening process may reduce turnover by verifying that the potential employee has the requisite skills, certification, license or degree for the position; deter theft and embezzlement; and prevent litigation over hiring practices.

The costs associated with conducting can be significantly higher. However, absent an effective screening process, your organization may incur significant expenses from recruiting, hiring and training unqualified individuals based upon their skill sets or backgrounds. These individuals may have to be replaced due to an inability to perform assigned duties or for other reasons.VettFirst Security helps management develop a risk-focused approach to determining when pre-employment background screening is considered appropriate or when the level of screening should be increased, based upon the position and responsibilities associated with a particular position. The sensitivity of the position or the access level of an individual staff member may warrant additional background screening, which should include verification of references, experience, education and professional qualifications.

Furthermore, we recommend management verify the applicant’s identity. An on-going approach to screening should be considered for specific positions, as circumstances change, or for a comprehensive review of departmental staff over a period of time.ContractWe also recommend management also have a policy that addresses appropriate actions when a pre-employment or subsequent screening detects information contrary to what the applicant or employee provided.

Suitability Criteria
Suggestive Suitability factors for employers to use when making hiring decisions. They include the following seven criteria:
  • Misconduct or negligence in employment
  • Criminal or dishonest conduct
  • Material, intentional false statement, deception or fraud in examination or appointment
  • Refusal to furnish testimony as required for the investigation
  • Alcohol abuse of a nature and duration which suggests that the applicant or appointee would be prevented from performing the duties of the position in question, or would constitute a direct threat to the property or safety of others
  • Illegal use of narcotics, drugs, or other controlled substances, without evidence of substantial rehabilitation
  • Any statutory or regulatory bar that prevents the lawful employment of the person involved in the position in question

Employers should require persons with not only the right job skills, but a high degree of trustworthiness. Organizations need to determine the risk level of low, moderate or high. The higher the risk level, the more impacting employee misbehavior can be. Depending on the risk level, the appropriate investigation is background investigation should requested.


Our Federal Contractor Background Check Package:
County Criminal Record Check
National Criminal History Record Check (10 year history)
State Criminal History Repository Check (SCHR)
Federal Criminal Records Check
Court Martial Record Check
Sex Offender Registry Check
Domestic Terrorist Watch list Check
Social Security Number Trace (Address Verification)
VettFirst Security understands how critical these data intensive solutions are for national, state and local government and law enforcement agencies, and we work diligently to help safeguard our client organizations and their constituents.