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VettFirst Security is a key partner for your screening, verification’s, monitoring and credentialing functions.  In partnership with one of the first Credentialing Verification Organizations Verisys, VettFirst Security has the experience, technology and data to guide your organization effortlessly through the confusing and ever-robust compliance requirements. Secure your future with VettFirst Security at the helm of your compliance management. We’ll do the heavy lifting while you manage your business with

VettFirst Security gathers data from thousands of sources:

We seek out primary source data.

 We gather objective and reliable information.

We limit the use of self-reported and subjective content.

 We employ rigorous quality assurance processes before adding the content to our database.

We use proprietary, sophisticated technology to link disparate data sets.

We help organizations know that their:

Employees (people)

Providers (licensed professionals, internal and external), and,

Vendors (businesses) that engage with patients are not going to place the patient in a position of potential harm.

We deliver meaningful information in a manner that is easily understood, drives transactional transparency and improves the quality of health care delivery.

VettFirst Security provides data and verification services to:

  •  Assure Regulatory Compliance (OIG Guidance, Medicare/Medicaid laws, regulations, CMS instructions, and State Anti-Fraud Compliance)
  • Manage and Avoid Risk (liability resulting from medical malpractice, negligent credentialing and/or privileging, vicarious liability and corporate negligence suits, and whistleblower actions)
  • Advance the quality of health care outcomes by identifying high risk and “never” event providers
  • Actively Protect Our Customers’ Reputation. Health care transactions are trust-based transactions, and loss of reputation is costly

How our products are employed:

Pre-screening of Applicants
Vendor Screening
Privileging and Credentialing
Employee Annual Screening
On-going Monitoring of Employees, Vendors, Contractors and Contract or Privilege Relationships
Due Diligence Investigations
Loss Control



Using our advanced screening solutions helps healthcare organizations improve the quality of their staff and helps their organization maintain an exemplary reputation. Beyond healthcare staff, VettFirst Security can also assist with the screening of vendors, volunteers, and medical students – especially students that may be participating in on-site learning.