Statistics reveal that almost 40% of applications contain false information. We help you ensure you hire high-integrity, best-fit employees by utilizing our in-house verification’s experts, exclusively trained to get you the information you need to make the right hiring decision.

Mortgage Processing

VettFirst Security Verifications – Offer a better borrower experience while reducing fraud with a centralized, consistent and compliant process

Balancing loan processing consistency and compliance with superior customer service will play an important part in successfully navigating the new purchase market. VettFirst Security can lend significant expertise in providing streamlined verification’s that prevent fraud, mitigate risk and keep your business moving.

The Mortgage Industry has been inundated with federal consumer protection mandates and investor requirements that have shaped the “new normal” in lending.  Underwriting guidelines will continue to evolve, but a new mantra of INDEPENDENT, 3rd PARTY VERIFICATION is here to stay: verification of employment and income, “ability to pay” (Qualified Mortgage) and verification of identity and undisclosed debt (Fannie Mae Loan Quality Initiative).

To keep pace with complex requirements and increased scrutiny, you need the expertise of a trusted partner like VettFirst Security who can deliver a comprehensive view of your borrower’s ability to repay, in one stop.

With VettFirst Security Verification Services you can rapidly obtain income and employment verification, approved by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, on any individual, including those with self-employed income.  For additional transparency, we provide tax transcripts and identity verification. The ability to completely outsource your verification needs is now obtainable.

Employment and Income

Ability to Afford
An applicant’s ability to afford can be confirmed quickly and easily with VettFirst Security  Verification Services. Qualified users with the required permissions can get a verification of income—information that comes straight from the employer. Income verifications contain both basic employment information and detailed compensation data—wages, bonuses, commissions and overtime. If provided by the employer, the verification will also include historical payment data, and dates and amounts of the applicant’s most recent and projected pay increases.
VettFirst Security delivers results within seconds, leveraging a database of more than 220 million employment and income records from over 3,800 employers. And if your applicant’s employment data isn’t instantly available, a researched verification can be immediately initiated and completed by our dedicated team of verification specialists. With hundreds of thousands of employers in our researched verifications database, our team can quickly connect with the right resources and perform fast and fully documented verifications on your behalf—a complete solution for all your verification needs.

Income Tax & Employer Verification (ITRV)

Verify past Income and Employer History with IRS Form 4506T

ITRV matches Name, SSN, and Address of the taxpayer to the IRS database and provides income and employer Transcripts. Verify past income and employer history to mitigate fraud and strengthen due diligence processes for HR Departments, Lenders, Property Management, and others whenever verification is needed.
Combining the tax transcript with an employment and income verification provides a complete view of borrowers that allows high quality decisions based on each borrower’s ability to afford. You get both, a current pay-period view of employment and income and a complete historical income picture. This combination provides you with crucial insight into both current income status and historical income stability. The result: a powerful tool for fraud detection and risk reduction.

Tax transcripts are available via streamlined fulfillment in hours through our direct connection with the IRS. All your income determination requests can be fulfilled in the same place rapidly and with ease. You have access to process tracking,a summary report of key tax payer data elements, and income variance reporting.


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