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The VettFirst Security Tenant Scorecard™ is a simple, powerful recommendation tool that eliminates the inconsistency and slowness of manually reviewing the credit report and background check. Your clients will enjoy improved decision turnaround time, reduced delinquency rates, simplified compliance, and increased bottom-line margins.

How the Tenant Scorecard™ Works

Every applicant receives a “Pass”, “Fail”, or “Conditional” recommendation, taking the guesswork out of choosing the right tenant.
Customizable recommendation criteria ensure that your clients are getting the right residents in the right properties.
Accurate, automated, and objective scoring recommendations reduce exposure to fair housing discrimination liability.
Score multiple applicants (roommates) together for a merged recommendation and easily remove any unqualified roommates to recalculate the recommendation.
Available credit history recommendation criteria include:
– “Type” and “date” of certain credit elements – Income-to-rent ratio – Income-to-debt ratio – Credit Score – Trade-line payment history – Collection/charge off history – Bankruptcy history – Tax lien history – Judgment history – Set special rules for medical collections, student loans, and amounts owed to property managers.

The Select Data Tenant Scorecard™ provides the most Simple. Powerful.™ means available to score applicants. Learn more about how you can give yourself, and your tenant clients, a competitive edge in the marketplace by leveraging the Tenant Scorecard™.

In partnership with Rental we are able to offer our services completely FREE for landlords, that’s right FREE!

everyone. To get started contact us at (803) 233-2170.sceening

How it works

1. You Send a Link

After signing up, each property manager gets a unique application link. Simply direct applicants to that link and they’ll see your online application form.

2. Applicant Applies Online

The applicant completes your online application on any internet-connected device. Once the application is submitted online, we will immediately email you.

3. You get the application

Credit reports or background checks are immediately processed, automatically. These reports are available in about 5 minutes for you to review the application.

It’s completely free for landlords. Yes, really.

Applicants pay an application fee which includes the cost of screening reports like credit, criminal, and eviction reports.
The service is 100% FREE for landlords, property managers, and leasing agents.

You (the landlord, property manager, or leasing agent) choose which tenant screening reports you require for the application.

Rent Application can order the following reports with each application:

Credit Report – Full credit report including FICO credit score, tradeline/account details, aliases, and more.
Criminal/Background Check – Nationwide criminal background check including OFAC Terrorist Watch List match and sex offender search
Eviction History – Suits, judgments, and liens, including any reported eviction proceedings
Landlord Inquiry – Contact either the current or previous landlord/property manager via phone and/or email to confirm tenancy and payments.
Employment Check – Confirmation that the applicant works at the stated place of employment.
The applicant pays an application fee based on the reports you’ve requested. If you don’t require any screening reports, Rent Application is totally free for