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Fort Campbell Soldier Charged with Selling U.S. Military Secrets to China

A soldier stationed at Fort Campbell has been formally accused of trading secrets of national defense to China, as declared by Henry C. Leventis, the U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Tennessee, on Thursday.

Sgt. Korbein Schultz, who served as an intelligence analyst within the First Battalion of the 506th Infantry Regiment at Fort Campbell, was apprehended on the same day, according to Leventis. “He exchanged information critical to our national defense for money,” Leventis stated, revealing that Schultz had received a total of $42,000 across 14 separate payments.

The formal accusations against Schultz include six charges, among them are conspiracy to illegally share defense information, unauthorized export of defense materials to China, and bribery of a public official, as detailed by Leventis.

The charges suggest that Schultz began in June 2022 to gather and relay to a collaborator in China details concerning U.S. military strategies, including information on advanced military helicopters, artillery rocket systems, missile defense systems, and the military tactics of China. Additionally, Schultz is accused of sharing manuals on the tactics, techniques, and procedures for the F22-A fighter jet and intercontinental missiles.

Part of Schultz’s responsibilities involved instructing others on the correct procedures for handling, storing, and distributing confidential information, Leventis highlighted.

Leventis emphasized the gravity of unlawfully spreading national defense information, noting it endangers the nation, its citizens, military personnel, and allies, and reminding that such threats can emerge from within esteemed institutions.

Fort Campbell’s spokesperson confirmed Schultz’s assignment to the Clarksville location but did not provide further comments, stating the base’s ongoing cooperation with the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

The indictment has left Schultz’s family in a state of shock and turmoil. Kolby Weldon, Schultz’s second cousin, expressed surprise over the arrest, noting the family was unaware of Schultz’s activities beyond his computer work. The charges have deeply affected Weldon, who also has a military background from Fort Campbell, expressing anger over the situation.

The indictment details Schultz’s conspiracy, including his expressed desire to emulate ‘Jason Bourne’ and considerations of moving to Hong Kong to work directly with his co-conspirator. The co-conspirator enticed Schultz with promises of wealth and racing-related benefits, reflecting Schultz’s interests as seen on his social media.

In one instance, a co-conspirator proposed meeting Schultz at a Formula 1 race abroad and offering him a significant role with a substantial bonus, to which Schultz excitedly responded.

The indictment also outlines Schultz’s initial task to analyze the Russia-Ukraine conflict and its implications for U.S. defense strategy towards Taiwan, for which he was first compensated. It further describes how Schultz was encouraged to procure more classified information, with discussions on concealing their illicit dealings, including disguising financial transactions as related to “car customizations.”

Schultz’s interactions with the co-conspirator, who is believed to be based in Hong Kong and affiliated with a geopolitical consulting firm, reveal a calculated effort to obtain and sell sensitive U.S. military information, endangering national security.