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Social Media Background Screening
“The smartest way to screen toxic workplace behavior”

VettFirst’s social media screening software identifies problematic behavior among potential hires and current employees by analyzing publicly available online information.

Fast, Accurate, Effortless.
VettFirst uses a one-of-a-kind social media background screening application that makes running background checks on candidates effortless.  Our machine learning algorithms analyze your subject’s posts and images and can identify risks across 11 different categories.

Hate speech Threat of Violence
Insults and bullying Toxic Language
Narcotics Drug-Related Images
Obscene language Explicit/Racy Images
Self-harm Violent Images
Political Extremism  

More Thorough Analysis
VettFirst takes social media screening to the next level.  We analyze original posts, likes, comments, replies, reposts along with the images on each post.  We even extract and analyze the text from memes.

We give you the tools you need to quickly assess the candidate and their posts including intuitive navigation of the risk factors and sentiment.  Making corrections and redressing the data is quick and simple.

Screen Across Multiple Social Media Platforms
View a subject’s posts across their social media platforms in one place.  You can choose to view all of their posts or just their flagged posts.  You can also choose to view posts based on sentiment.

Web and News Search
In addition to social media posts, VettFirst will search for any related news and web page articles that are relevant to your candidate. These results are optional and can also be included in the background report.

 Why Consider Social Media Monitoring
Monitoring an employee’s ongoing activity will alert you to potentially illegal activity, sexually explicit material, and demonstrations of racism/intolerance.

EEOC compliant with the ability to redact images
Our social media background checks are compliant. We can redact images in that could possibly expose protected class information. You have complete control of which images you want redacted and all changes will be reflected in the background report.

Social Media Screening Features & Benefits

  • Compliant with EEOC, FCRA, and state privacy laws
  • Verifies candidate using more than one identifier
  • Uses unparalleled artificial intelligence
  • Available as a one-time social media background check pre-hire, a continuous social media monitoring service on current employees’ social media activity, and/or something you bundle with our other background check solutions
  • Provides helpful insights without prying on people’s personal lives – we keep the concept of “Big Brother” in check so you (and your future and/or current employees) can rest easy
  • Integrates easily into your current background screen, so it’s no extra work for you or your candidate!

VettFirst Security provides an automated solution that identifies problematic behavior among potential hires and current employees by analyzing publicly available online information. Businesses trust VettFirst Security to help identify behaviors such as bigotry and harassment that are often missed in the hiring process. With VettFirst, organizations can now improve workplace culture and protect their employees from harassment and toxic behaviors before they escalate to more serious concerns and expose the brand to liability.

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