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VettFirst’s Tenant Screening Services

VettFirst is an industry-leading provider of tenant verification and tenant background check solutions. Landlords, real estate agents, commercial leasing agents and property management companies can quickly determine the risk of new tenant applicants by leveraging our credit data.

Residential Tenant Screening Reports

Clear screening decisions with complete confidence in less than 60 seconds

  • Complete one simple page to get clear, more concise screening results
  • Integrates with popular property management systems

Online Tenant Screening For Independent Landlords

Great Reports. Great Convenience. Great Tenants.

VettFirst Security’s convenient tenant screening service for people who don’t manage hundreds of properties.

Screening tenants used to be just for large professional property management companies. It’s easy to understand why: pulling certain types of tenant background checks like tenant credit reports isn’t possible for most individuals. This includes resident screening for many rental property owners, real estate agents and even small property management companies.

VettFirst tenant screening service allows rental history reports to be delivered to the landlord (or rental property owner, real estate agent or whoever is in charge of screening applicants) while protecting consumer information in a manner consistent with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and applicable regulations.

And… these tenant background checks are completely paperless and online. It’s free to sign up for an account. Accounts can be created and screening reports delivered in a matter of minutes.

Now renter credit, income estimate and eviction reports plus criminal background checks are available to all landlords and property owners. All of this information is contained within one easy-to-read tenant background check report.

A key to picking out the right renter is to have quality tenant background check information, including an eviction history check, to help you make your decision.

This is where VettFirst’s Tenant Screening Service is best:

  • Broad coverage: Millions of records covering credit, criminal and evictions histories result in comprehensive rental background checks
  • More accurate matching: Advanced matching logic using consumer address and name history helps match your rental applicants to our report histories
  • Just for Tenant Screening: Report types and formats are designed for landlords, and specific to helping you decide which rental applicant to choose

And, VettFirst tenant screening services offers exclusive benefits and features that are designed to help landlords make more informed decisions.

Only VettFirst’s tenant screening offers:

  • Income Insights: Our proprietary tenant background checks offer Income Insights, a custom report that tells landlords which applicants need additional income verification. This report can help you save time and effort during the tenant screening process and lowers your risk for renter payment issues.
  • TenantScore 2.0: This credit measurement is built specifically for tenant screening and delivers a more accurate assessment of renter risk than a typical credit score. According to TransUnion research, TenantScore predicts evictions 15% more often in comparison to a typical credit score in the bottom 20% score range where risk is greatest.
  • Choice of Who Pays: You can opt to have renters cover the cost of rental screening. VettFirst gives landlords flexibility to choose to pay or pass the cost of tenant screening services to your prospective tenant. It’s free to sign up and there’s no fee to request a tenant screening report.

Lastly pick the right renter for your rental property

Along with tenant screening reports, VettFirst delivers a credit-based recommendation based on the applicant’s TenantScore.

A landlord credit check is an important step to evaluate your applicant. And, we know you base your leasing decision on more than just a credit profile or renter balance sheet. But as a consumer reporting agency, VettFirst leverages its years of experience to offer TenantScore 2.0, a credit score tailored specifically for the rental industry, helping you better assess an applicant’s risk. Use credit checks designed for tenant screening and find high-quality tenants faster with VettFirst screening services.

VettFirst Tenant Credit Checks

Our rental background checks are great for both landlord and tenant. A VettFirst Security tenant background check allows your applicants to share their histories while also protecting their personal identifying information. Renters who use VettFirst tenant screening services submit their personal information directly to VettFirst online, without having to provide sensitive information (such as a social security number) to the landlord. Ultimately, they like our services because we help them get the rental they want while making them feel comfortable in sharing their personal information in a convenient, online solution.

*According to research, TenantScore predicts evictions 15% more often in comparison to a typical credit score in the bottom 20% score range where risk is highest.

**The Criminal Report is subject to federal, state and local laws which may limit or restrict VettFirst’s ability to return some records.

***Instant criminal results not available for Delaware, Washington D.C., Hawaii, Kentucky, Massachusetts, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming.

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